custom orders

If we are out of stock of an item please contact us to enquire about upcoming shipments or to place an order. Rugs may be custom ordered to size and are available in various colour combinations, not all of which are represented. Please contact us to enquire as to options.


Herringbone will assist you in the selection of a rug for your home or business. A member of our team will visit you to assess the space and offer advice and suggestions on rug choices.

cleaning and care



A handmade rug offers excellent durability and if cared for should last a lifetime. To treat everyday stains and spillages mop up the area using a solution of soft soap in warm water if required. Accidents do happen and if you experience more severe damage than a small spill please contact us at our showroom for further advice.


New rugs may shed some fluff. This is normal and is not a sign that your rug is falling apart! It is best to vacuum a new rug often at first – the fluffing will lessen and eventually cease.


You may notice a subtle stripe effect in your hand-knotted rug. This is called abrash and arises because hand prepared yarn is not completely uniform in colour and thickness and thus, when dyed, does not take the colour evenly. Abrash imparts hand-knotted rugs with life and character and is considered a desirable feature of such rugs. Rugs made without abrash appear flat and look machine made.


No dyes are completely impervious to fading in sunlight. Over time, any material left in strong sunlight will fade. Traditionally, the best way to mitigate this effect is to turn a rug from time to time so that at least any fade is even.